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I'm a hacker, an educator and an advocate.

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Security Chipmunks

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Edna is one of the hosts of Security Chipmunks, where we talk about the development of cybersecurity skills. To stay up to date in today's world you need to be resilient, that’s why as Advanced Persistent Chipmunks we keep chipping away at it.

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TraceLabs Competitor

Competed multiple times in the OSINT for good TraceLabs competition with the FowlOwls team, helping law enforcement find missing people in multiple countries.


CCDC Co-lead

Competed in the 2021 CCDC competition representing my school WGU, leading our team into the regional competition. I helped develop our GitHub repo and with training.



I'm experienced working with developing software as well as training bootcamp students in coding and cybersecurity cohorts.

Cybersecurity Services

Cyber Security Solutions

I recommend the following best practices to maintain your security posture at work and at home.


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