I’m starting a YouTube Channel

I’m starting a YouTube channel. It’s a project I want to do with my kids, I’ve been wanting to do introductory coding videos for kids and beginners for a while now. My girls, I have twin girls by the way, want to help me out and get this channel started together. One is going to be talking about birds. She wants to become an ornithologist (expert on birds). The other one wants to be behind the camera and help with editing and filming. She’s really interested in photography. This is going to be a great mother/daughter bonding project.

Screenshot of Edna's youtube channel showing no content has been posted
Much thinking and planning before we will get our Channel going…

It’s kind of hard trying to figure out where to start though. We also don’t have a lot of fancy equipment (Santa… help?) so it will be shot with the iPhone camera and held by our trusty camerawoman and maybe we’ll put together some lamps for lighting. Ok, well the first video is always the hardest, right?

We have set a goal. We are going to get 10 subscribers by the end of the year 2018. Let’s do this! Yeah.

Touching up old Coding Boot camp assignments

I started working as a tutor for Trilogy, the company behind coding boot camps in Universities all over the United States and now internationally. As I’m helping students working through challenges that I’ve had to overcome myself, I’ve decided to pick up old homework assignments and make some improvements.

It’s pretty neat to go through and add features that just make the projects better, a lot of it is small stuff, for example adding sounds to the trivia game to indicate success or failure on the guesses or improving the train time to display the current time as if you were looking at a train schedule board at a train station. I also disabled letters in hangman so that the user wouldn’t be guessing the same one over and over.

It’s a lot of little stuff, but I think it makes my projects look more polished and it shows that I put some thought into it.

I also found out that my repo for Psychic game shows up #1 on Github if you search for a psychic game, so that was pretty neat. Several of my students for tutoring have told me that they’ve read my code before they were assigned to me, so it’s kind of neat that they already know I know my stuff before we get started together.

Edna’s Psychic-Game showing up as #1 on GitHub