I’m starting a YouTube Channel

I’m starting a YouTube channel. It’s a project I want to do with my kids, I’ve been wanting to do introductory coding videos for kids and beginners for a while now. My girls, I have twin girls by the way, want to help me out and get this channel started together. One is going to be talking about birds. She wants to become an ornithologist (expert on birds). The other one wants to be behind the camera and help with editing and filming. She’s really interested in photography. This is going to be a great mother/daughter bonding project.

Screenshot of Edna's youtube channel showing no content has been posted
Much thinking and planning before we will get our Channel going…

It’s kind of hard trying to figure out where to start though. We also don’t have a lot of fancy equipment (Santa… help?) so it will be shot with the iPhone camera and held by our trusty camerawoman and maybe we’ll put together some lamps for lighting. Ok, well the first video is always the hardest, right?

We have set a goal. We are going to get 10 subscribers by the end of the year 2018. Let’s do this! Yeah.

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