My twitter blew up… Thanks Simone

Edna's twitter showing Tweet at Simone Giertz that caused a huge spike in impressions.
Screenshot of Edna’s Twitter with almost 10,000 impressions in 2 days.

I noticed I was getting a bunch of notifciations on Twitter… and I only use Twitter sparingly, so I was like WTF?? Then I realized the power of tweeting at the Queen of Shitty Robot Nation. For me, this is Twitter blowing up, when I have almost 10,000 impressions in two day. I’ll share the tweet and the love I got with you.



Awwww. I feel like I belong somewhere. But in all seriousness, Simone Giertz is amazing. If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness that is Simone, go check her out on YouTube.

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