Why are you Princess Code Warrior?

I was working at Florida Blue, as a junior software engineer, the department I was in was being built and we were adding new teams frequently and were being shuffled around. We had one person who was cared a lot about titles who wanted a new title and a raise, that was not something that was available to him, so that person made the ultimatum either I get the title or I leave. That person ended up leaving. Our IT department manager came and talked to us, said that we could have whatever title we wanted to as long as we did the work.

On the spot I asked if the title Princess Code Warrior was available. He said yes. Since then I have kept the title Princess Code Warrior.

To me that title means that I’m a woman, a developer and I’m going to do my best to overcome my coding challenges. I’m going to work hard and I’m going to keep learning. I intend to be in this field for the rest of my working career, so I’m going to make it an awesome one.

Logo Princess Code Warrior with a pink crown on top of the text