I’m a JavaScript girl who really likes C

I have a confession. I’m a JavaScript girl who really likes the C programming language. I took a boot camp and learned all about JS, because I thought that C was scary, I also thought that C was a not so useful programming language any more. Well, I’m going with the line from Home Alone, “I’m not afraid anymore”.

Home alone Not afraid anymore

I’m picking up C and it’s going swimmingly.

I am dabbling with the course CS50 on edX and it’s quite exciting.

I really how we write #include <stio.h> and how I have to point my pointers somewhere and deal with memory, it’s like all the things I don’t have to think about, I’m becoming more aware of. There’s more going on under the hood and I’m really digging it.

The C Programming Language book cover

If you want to come join me, the course is called CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science and is available for free on edX.

They have other languages as well further in the course, Python and JavaScript. I’m half tempted to go jump to those and knock them out of the way since I already know those languages and they’re low hanging fruit for me, but I’m being good and staying on track.

cs50 Problem Sets

I already have plans for the final project and will be working on that as I make my way through the course. It’s called Service Dog Log, it’s a logging application for dog training, specifically aimed to be of assistance to the service dog community, but will be able to be used by anyone training their dog. It will track a dogs progress over time, encourage the user to keep training their dog(s) and give helpful suggestions for training your dog.