Request me to be your tutor

If you happen to be in a Full Stack coding Bootcamp powered by Trilogy Education Services and are in need of a tutor, then please read on.

I am a Senior tutor, I have been through the same Bootcamp you are going through, graduated from it in 2016 and have 3 years of working experience since then. You can request me to be your tutor, by putting in a request in with your Student Success Manager. Tell them you want Edna Jonsson as your tutor.

There are a lot of tutors that are available and as such, I have been working on standing out, however, if nobody knows I’m here, then I’m not getting requested as their tutor. Which is why I wanted to tell you what makes me great.

Not only do I know the material forward and backwards, I have done every single assignment that you have done and are going to go through, I know which parts are tricky and how to organize your code. Most importantly, I know how fast paced this course is and how difficult it is from experience.

I have an easy to use scheduling system with lots of available times, you can preview it on and once a session is scheduled, I send you a confirmation e-mail 24 hours ahead of time, as well as the scheduling system will send you a text message 2 hours before the session time to remind you of your session.

I really love what I do, I have upgraded my tools to make my students experience better. I use a pro subscription to Calendly, I have upgraded my headset and I have a microphone that is of the same quality used for podcasts or professional video recording, I have two additional cameras. I won’t use my built in camera, the video quality of it is too grainy. I also try to work on making my knowledge base better, I try to find better ways to explain concepts that are challenging, I keep copious notes and I look at how others explain the same concepts I’m teaching.

But don’t just take it from me. Here is what some of my prior students have to say about me.

“Edna assisted me with gaining a better understanding on some things I was confused with.”

“Edna was great and very knowledgeable.”

“Edna is great, very patient and explains topics well.”

“Edna demonstrated that she genuinely wants to help me further my understanding of whatever material I present and I appreciate her honest appraisal”

“Edna was great! She helped me a lot by breaking down what was happening with functions, for loops, and objects.”

If you want a quality tutor, one who works with you to make sense of the material, helps you find resources to continue your studies and is your cheerleader. You can request to get me as your tutor.

Connecting Eat Da Burger to JawsDB on Heroku

Steps to setting up the Node/Express/MySQL app EatDaBurger on Heroku with a working database.

My code for this app is located at Github
I’ve deployed this app using these steps to Heroku

Screenshot of Eat the burger MySQL application

Step 1.

Add a .env file, which you will use to get the process.env variable from for your MySQL database. Also add the .env file to your .gitignore. You don’t want to add your database credentials to GitHub or anywhere else on the internet where it can be grabbed.
echo .env >> .gitignore
There’s more information on getting JawsDB set up at

Inside your .env file set the JAWSDB_URL equal to your MySQL string you get from JawsDB, you can get this information from or from the running the command heroku config:get JAWSDB_URL


Step 2.

Inside your connection file add this to connect with JawsDB if it’s online or localhost if you’re on your machine

var mysql = require('mysql');

var connection;
if (process.env.JAWSDB_URL) {
    // Database is JawsDB on Heroku
    connection = mysql.createConnection(process.env.JAWSDB_URL);
} else {
    // Database is local
    connection = mysql.createConnection({
        port: 3306,
        host: 'localhost',
        user: 'root',
        password: '',
        database: 'nameOfYour_db'

var mysql = require('mysql');

Step 3.

Set up db connection to your JawsDB in MySQL workbench.
Use your JawsDB credentials to sign into MySQL workbench, then open up a SQL editior.
Inside the SQL editor, make sure you’re using your JawsDB database, by running the USE command.

USE jawsDBname;

Once you’re inside your database, using your JawsDB databse, then run your SQL commands in MySQL workbench.
Now your app should be working within a couple of minutes.

Extra Step. If error.

If you’re getting error H13.
Whenever your app experiences an error, Heroku will return a standard error page with the HTTP status code 503. To help you debug the underlying error, however, the platform will also add custom error information to your logs. Each type of error gets its own error code, with all HTTP errors starting with the letter H and all runtime errors starting with R. Logging errors start with L.

I looked up the heroku error code, which you can read yourself, which wasn’t that helpful in solving the problem.

These two articles were helpful.

Here’s what you need to do. Inside your server.js file, add a timeout. I grabbed a timed out function, then it has to be called after your app.use statements.

// Timeout

function haltOnTimedout(req, res, next) {
    if (!req.timedout) next();

I hope this has been helpful, if you have questions, leave me a comment.

Successful Coding Boot camp experience formula

  1. Attend every class (Try your best not to miss any sessions)
  2. Spend 15 to 20 hours on your homework and studying every week
  3. Get social, go to meetups
  4. Fill out your LinkedIn
  5. Work on your portfolio constantly
  6. Attend conferences or anything you can make work
  7. Listen to podcasts
  8. Don’t give up