Edna Jonsson

Edna Jonsson


Edna is a strong team member who takes on leadership roles, takes care of the details and makes sure that customers have a strong security posture.

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Edna has never been afraid of computers. Her first computer experience was with deleting everything off of her parents work computer when she was 4, which required them to bring in a computer specialist to bring the information back. During her middle school years, she could be found in IRC chat rooms and discovered that she could access other people's Hotmail accounts by manipulating the URL string In early college she was very intrigued by being able to manipulate MySpace and created multiple different themes for it

For her early career, she pursued an education in nursing and then later moved to real estate, but eventually coming back to computers. She enrolled in a coding bootcamp, in the early days of the coding bootcamps. She excelled at the coding bootcamp and was brought to a company all hands meeting as a headliner speaker to demonstrate an example of the success of coding bootcamp graduates. She worked for a while at Florida Blue as a Software Engineer.

After working as a developer for a few years, she decided she would make the leap to what she really wanted to do. Cyber Security.

Edna is currently studying Cybersecurity and Information Assurance at Western Governors University where she regularly participates in Capture the Flag competitions, such as the NICE Challenge, the National Cyber League. She is also the Co-Captain of the WGU Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team.

Edna is very passionate about helping advance Women in Tech. She has led a Girls Who Code club for 3 years. As she feels that is the best time to get girls and female-identifying individuals interested in technology and sciences. She hopes that by leading by example, she will inspire more girls to join in the tech field.